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The Restore Earth Initiative

Launched in December 2014, the Restore Earth Initiative works daily with climate change-focused Individuals, Groups, NGO's and Government agencies around the world to help ensure that individuals and corporations are fully informed on ways to reduce carbon emissions and climate impact based on their personal and business development carbon output choices. 


To date REI has registered over 1000 members in our carbon reduction efforts which by our estimations has reduced nearly 16 million pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere, and based on this success, with your help, the Restore Earth Initiative continues our efforts to inform the global community on the worldwide negative effects of high levels of carbon emissions and positive ways to support positive climate initiatives.

The Restore Earth Initiative continues to focus our advocacy efforts which address greenhouse gas emissions from energy sectors, worldwide aircraft operations, vehicle emissions, deforestation, national energy consumption, and overall fossil fuel consumption.  We do this by engaging and encouraging governments around the world to enact strict national policies to restrict CO2 emission from all sectors within their national control, and to work across borders with other nations to develop strict international  CO2 emission standards which can actually be enforced under each nation newly enacted energy restriction laws. Do all that you can, help save the planet.



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