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Support Sustainable
Farming Save The Planet

The Restore Earth Initiative provides monetary support to NGOs around the globe which assist local farmers, growers, and industry in ongoing crop rotation and crop diversity efforts, as well as international efforts designed to educate farmers on eliminating tillage issues as well as adopting positive agroforestry practices. 


In addition, The Restore Earth Initiative encourages integrated pest management practices, installation and use of renewable energy sources to power grow operations as well as ongoing educational efforts for local communities on industry best soil erosion avoidance processes.

Support Carbon Emission


The Restore Earth Initiative provides monetary support to industry, educational institutions, and private entrepreneurs by allowing funds to flow to the development of technologies that build“negative-emissions technologies,” designed to remove CO2 or other gases from the atmosphere. 


The Restore Earth Initiative further supports existing technology companies in their quest to research and develop products and processes with the goal of reaching "net zero" emissions by 2050.

Efforts we support!

REI partners with local communities and government stakeholders to educate populations around the world on simple but effective ways to reduce carbon emissions involved in everyday activities.  

The Restore Earth Initiative directly donates to and financially supports efforts around the world which:

  • Replace incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs

  • Help residents weatherproof their residences

  • Improve and promote nationwide recycling programs 

  • Educate the public on ridesharing and public transportation

  • Promote the purchase of locally grown food

  • Encourages the use of fewer disposable products

  • Planting of tree farms

  • Invest in climate change solutions and much more!

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